Saff & Training

Teaching Staff

Learn from a highly experienced culinary team and work in state-of-the-art facilities at the best cooking school in Italy.

 Italian Chef Academy has selected some of the finest professionals in the Italian food and wine industry, entrusting them with the responsibility of various educational activities within the Academy.

 We support and invest in the training of our instructors to ensure courses of the utmost quality that are always up to date.


Daniele Lippi Haute Cuisine


Anthony Genovese Haute Cuisine

"Il Pagliaccio"

Marion Lichtle Haute Cuisine

"Il Pagliaccio"

Francesco Apreda Haute Cuisine

"Idylio by Apreda"

Marco Martini Haute Cuisine

"Marco Martini Restaurant"

Daniele Usai Haute Cuisine

"Il Tino"

Ciro Scamardella Haute Cuisine


Andrea Pasqualucci Haute Cuisine


Andrea Antonini Haute Cuisine


Chef Cristina Bowerman Haute Cuisine

"Glass Hostaria"

Roy Caceres Professional Cooking Techniques

Andrea Golino Professional Cooking Techniques

Italian Champion

Daniel CavuotoProfessional Cooking Techniques

Italian Champion

Emiliano Lopez Professional Cooking Techniques

Italian Champion

Pantaleone Amato Professional Pastry Techniques

Italian Champion

Alessandro Vassallo Professional Cooking Techniques

Adriano de Angelis Professional Cooking Techniques

Fabrizio D'Alessandro Professional Cooking Techniques

Italian Champion

Ruben Bondì Professional Cooking Techniques

Tiziano Zuccari Professional Cooking Techniques

Simona Pambianchi Professional Cooking Techniques

Francesca Minnella Professional Pastry Techniques


Roberto Lestani Haute Pastry

World Pastry Champion , Olympic Champion in Chocolatiering

Irene Tolomei Professional Pastry Techniques


Antonio Dario Nuti Haute Pastry

"Rome Cavalieri, a Waldorf Astoria Resort"

Pantaleone Amato Professional Pastry Techniques


Fabrizio D'Alessandro Professional Pastry Techniques


Nutrition and Well-being Daniela Galdi
Work orientation

Massimo Elisei Hospitality & Management


Simona Cognoli Introduction to EVO Oil

President of Oleonauta

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