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Online courses are becoming increasingly popular because they offer flexibility and accessibility. They allow students to learn from anywhere and at any time, accommodating their schedule needs.

As a high-level educational institution, we must keep up with the times, which is why we have introduced exclusive professional online courses in cooking and pastry. These courses give you the opportunity to learn and refine your culinary skills comfortably from home. Our online courses will enable you to acquire practical and professional theoretical knowledge through interactive video-recorded lessons. You can develop practical skills and improve your culinary expertise in a flexible and convenient manner.

For those who wish to take the exam in front of a jury, you can register for one of the numerous sessions at our facility. However, it's important to note that the in-person exam is optional and not mandatory to obtain the qualification.


For professionals in Italy and abroad who do not have a recognized qualification, we have also designed a “Qualifica 4 Pros” program, where you can obtain a certificate. Simply follow our online course and participate in the practical exam at our location.

The exams will be held several times during specific periods of the year, which we will notify you well in advance. To participate in this program for professionals, we only require a CV that confirms your professional experience.

Course Details

The course is open to all those who do not have enough time to attend our in-person courses.

Comfortably from your home with a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

When? Whenever you want! How long? Our online courses have variable durations depending on the chosen package. All the packages are visible on the following website: https://elearning.italianchefacademy.it/pacchetti-corsi-online/

Purchase the package that you find most suitable by visiting the website elearning.italianchefacademy.it and proceed with payment directly on the site using PayPal.

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