Italian Chef Academy is located in Rome and is a High Training Academy and Professional Specialization dedicated to the world of restaurants and haute cuisine.

Our courses are aimed at both national and international audiences. The necessary requirements to participate are a deep passion and strong motivation.

The Academy was born from the idea of a group of chefs and qualified experts in the field (both Italian and international) with the intention of training professionals who can have the opportunity to enter the workforce with satisfaction.

Through differentiated training paths, we are the first Academy in Italy to promote high-level enogastronomic science, targeting not only professionals but also enthusiasts who aspire to turn their aspirations into a profession.

To ensure that our students have the opportunity to become true professionals in the industry, we have developed high-level programs with the most authoritative teachers, allowing us to offer integrated and comprehensive training.

Our students not only learn the execution of a dish but also understand it: the origin of the ingredients, their chemical composition, the importance of high-quality raw materials and their health aspects, the proper taste perception of food, the most advanced techniques, and the wisdom of traditions.

Additionally, this knowledge is complemented by team-building training to give students confidence in entering a work environment and a practical internship period in selected facilities in Italy and around the world.





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