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For over 15 years, in the heart of the eternal city, one of the best Culinary Arts schools in Italy and one of the best in the world has stood.

With Italian Chef Academy, you will receive top-quality training supported by highly qualified academic partners.

At the end of your training, you will have all the qualifications to confidently present yourself in any kitchen worldwide!


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Italian Chef Academy is located in Rome and is a High Training Academy and Professional Specialization dedicated to the world of restaurants and haute cuisine.

Our courses are aimed at both national and international audiences. The necessary requirements to participate are a deep passion and strong motivation.

The Academy was born from the idea of a group of chefs and qualified experts in the field (both Italian and international) with the intention of training professionals who can have the opportunity to enter the workforce with satisfaction.

Through differentiated training paths, we are the first Academy in Italy to promote high-level enogastronomic science, targeting not only professionals but also enthusiasts who aspire to turn their aspirations into a profession.

To ensure that our students have the opportunity to become true professionals in the industry, we have developed high-level programs with the most authoritative teachers, allowing us to offer integrated and comprehensive training. Our students not only learn the execution of a dish but also understand it: the origin of the ingredients, their chemical composition, the importance of high-quality raw materials and their health aspects, the proper taste perception of food, the most advanced techniques, and the wisdom of traditions.

Additionally, this knowledge is complemented by team-building training to give students confidence in entering a work environment and a practical internship period in selected facilities in Italy and around the world.



Italian Chef Academy is located at Via Decio Filipponi 15, in one of Rome’s most exclusive areas, an elegant residential neighborhood surrounded by greenery, just a few minutes from St. Peter’s Basilica and the most important Roman monuments.

The Academy is situated within a natural reserve and boasts ample outdoor spaces and an area dedicated to aromatic herbs available to its members.

The classrooms dedicated to both theory and practice are equipped with modern facilities. The kitchens have professional workstations that guarantee our members space and autonomy in their work.

Furthermore, the Academy has a rich culinary library, consisting of a considerable number of volumes dedicated to enogastronomy. The library allows students to conduct research and in-depth studies related to the subjects taught in class.

Guaranteed employment


The integration of our students into the workforce is a top priority. Therefore, all programs are intensive and include practical internships in selected facilities.

To promote rapid and qualified entry into the workforce, the courses organized by Romevent srl for Italian Chef Academy are nationally and internationally recognized by:

  • World Association of Chefs Societies, certifying the best culinary academies worldwide.
  • Italian Chef Association, a national category association that recognizes and certifies the quality of education provided at ICA, naming us the best Culinary Arts Academy in Italy.
  • International Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream, and Chocolate (FIPGC), which recognizes our professional pastry course.
  • National Professional Education Institute (ENUIP) – accredited by the Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research.

We provide students with a predominantly practical path that develops through lessons and laboratories at the Academy’s headquarters and a training internship at highly qualified facilities in both Italy (the possibility of internships in the student’s region of origin for non-residents of Rome) and abroad. Practical experience is essential to acquire professionalism and position oneself in the job market.

Italian Chef Academy, thanks to its numerous contacts in the restaurant world, can recommend the most deserving students to well-established companies in Italy and/or abroad. Additionally, we are the first Academy in Italy to offer our students the opportunity to attend Intensive Courses for learning the English language, with Cooking Terminology and insights specifically tailored to the world of enogastronomy, to ensure the possibility of an international career as well.

Language courses are conducted in collaboration with Globally Speaking, a Cambridge English certified institute and a member of AISLi, an accredited teacher training organization, which ensures a staff of teachers with the highest qualifications for teaching.

The English language course, lasting 60 hours, is exclusively reserved for members who have joined the 3rd and 4th Modules of the Professional Chef Course and members who have joined the 3rd* and 4th Modules of the Professional Pastry Course.

Accreditations, certifications, and recognitions



Italian Chef Academy has various affiliated accommodations just a short distance from the Academy, reserved for non-resident members.

The accommodations offer triple, double, or single rooms (available upon request) with numerous comforts: Wi-Fi network, LCD TV… Inside the Campus, students can enjoy a dedicated green area and the Culinary Library, where they can consult some of the best texts on Italian and international enogastronomy.

The location is easily reachable from the nearby metro stop. As for affiliated accommodations, the list can be requested following the introductory interview in person or virtually (Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp…)

“La cucina è emozione.
Un viaggio culinario ed emozionale
nel quale cerco di far assaporare
il mondo in una sola sera.”

Daniel Cavuoto
Docente ICA e campione italiano di cucina Fusion

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