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Frequently Asked Questions


We recommend entering the school’s address “Decio Filipponi 15, 00136 – Roma” into your navigation system to optimize your route. Alternatively, you can follow the suggested route below:

After exiting the A1 motorway at the Rome exit, continue on the Grande Raccordo Anulare (GRA).

  • Take “exit n. 1” (Aurelia/Rome Centro/San Pietro).
  • Drive on Via Aurelia for about 5 km until you reach Piazza Irnerio.
  • Turn left onto Via di Boccea and continue until you reach Via della Pineta Sacchetti.
  • Continue for about 2 km.
  • Turn right onto Via Vittorio Montiglio.
  • After the traffic light, turn right.
  • Continue until you reach Via Damiano Chiesa.
  • At the traffic light, turn left and continue on Via della Balduina until you reach the intersection on Via Trionfale.
  • As soon as you enter Via Trionfale, turn right.
  • Continue on Via Decio Filipponi No. 15.


From Termini station, take the Metro Line A (direction Battistini).

  • Get off at Ottaviano or Lepanto station.
  • Take the bus (bus numbers 990, 913) and get off at “Trionfale/Prisciano” stop, just a few meters from the Academy.


Take Metro Line A (direction Battistini).

  • Get off at Ottaviano or Lepanto station.
  • Take the bus (bus numbers 990, 913) and get off at “Trionfale/Prisciano” stop, just a few meters from the Academy.

To enroll, a preliminary interview is required, which can be conducted in person at our location at Via Decio Filipponi 15 in Rome or remotely via video call through platforms such as WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, etc.

As we have limited seats, the preliminary interview is essential for us to provide you with all the necessary information without obligation and to ensure the highest quality standards.

To schedule your appointment, you can:

The duration of our courses varies depending on the chosen module and whether or not you opt for an internship.

Our courses range from a minimum of one month to a maximum of one year.

The prices vary based on the chosen module and the decision to undertake an internship. Prices start from a minimum of €2,000 including VAT and go up to a maximum of €10,000 including VAT.

The payment options are as follows:

  • One-time payment
  • Installments: 30% at the time of registration (to secure and guarantee your place in the class), another 30% on the first day of the course when you receive the didactic material and complete uniform (hat, jacket, apron, and pants). The remaining 40% must be paid within 1 month from the beginning of the course to guarantee access to the exam.
  • Financing, possible in two ways:
    • With debit card, health card, and identity document. No additional costs, 0% interest rate for a maximum of €2,000 in 12 monthly installments. Financing can be arranged at our headquarters at Via Decio Filipponi 15, by appointment and preliminary interview.
    • With your paycheck or that of a guarantor, with at least 6 months of employment in Italy, in up to 48 monthly installments. Financing can be arranged by appointment and preliminary interview.

We have accommodation agreements near the Academy, some of which are easily reachable on foot. Upon enrollment, upon request, you will be provided with a list in PDF format detailing the various accommodations’ details, costs, addresses, and contact information of the owners.

The student will have the freedom to choose their accommodation.

The participation certificate we provide is recognized worldwide:

  • Best Culinary Arts Academy in Italy by the Italian Chef Association.
  • The certificate is recognized by the Italian Professional Training Organization (ENUIP accredited by MIUR and the Lazio Region).
  • The first Italian Academy to obtain the international WACS certification (World Association of Chef Societies), which recognizes the excellent educational method in wine and food education.
  • International quality systems certification: ISO 9001- 2015 and IQNet issued by Swiss partner SQS.

Our courses are open to highly motivated students, both Italian and international. No previous experience is required, as all our courses start from the basics.

We simply request an initial informational meeting, without obligation, to assess the real interest, motivation, and passion for cooking/pastry.

Italian Chef Academy is the first culinary school in Italy for the number of graduates who are hired after completing the course.

We attach great importance to job placement, and that’s why, in addition to guaranteeing an internship at the most important establishments in Italy (and possibly abroad) for all our students, we also offer free membership to the Italian Chef Association.

Through periodic newsletters, Telegram, and other means, the Association offers multiple job opportunities to apply for.

We are the only cooking and pastry school in Italy that provides an employment interview for its students upon course completion.

For all students enrolled in the International Module 4 (both for cooking and pastry), the Academy guarantees an employment interview with one of its many partners.

Although the internship is guaranteed for everyone, it is not mandatory. However, it remains a highly recommended training step to test one’s skills in a real work situation.

The duration of the internship varies depending on the chosen module and can take place anywhere in Italy at one of our many partner establishments.

The internship is purely meritocratic to ensure maximum seriousness and professionalism for the hosting structure and to improve the student’s skills with a structure suitable for their current abilities.

As it is a training internship, it will not be paid, and there will be no additional costs, as the Academy covers the insurance, etc.

Furthermore, the internship is not linked to a pre-existing work situation, as it is compatible with each person’s availability.

Finally, we offer the possibility of internships with the possibility of room and board only outside major cities (except for rare cases).

Unique with guaranteed employment interview!

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    Why Study in Rome?

    Rome, the eternal city that awakens the senses and captivates the heart. Its ancient streets tell stories of emperors and gladiators, while its millennia-old monuments exude greatness and majesty.

    Studying here means immersing yourself in an unparalleled atmosphere, nourishing your mind and soul.

    Between the authentic taste of Italian cuisine and the international connections that are forged, Rome offers a unique and cosmopolitan environment to grow personally and professionally without ever neglecting the renowned “Italian Dolcevita.”

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