Modulo 1 - Basic

A basic path in which you will start from the fundamentals of cooking, such as cutting techniques, and progress to the preparation of iconic dishes, including appetizers, first courses, main courses, and desserts. .

You will have access to chefs, teachers, and experts, as well as fully equipped professional kitchens with the latest technologies.

This course is designed for both individuals with no prior experience and those who aspire to pursue their passion and become recognized and qualified professionals.
  • 80 practical hours
  • 200 hours of internship
  • Weekly tests (practical and theoretical) to monitor progressive learning
  • Educational material in electronic format
  • HACCP certification
  • Full uniform
  • Free registration with the Italian Chef Association for job placement.


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Educational Topics

Basic topics:



First Courses

Main Courses


Innovation in the kitchen:

Final Exam

The final exam includes both a theoretical and practical test in the presence of the technical commission. A certificate, including certification of the practical experience, is issued by the Italian Chef Academy and the National Professional Education Authority (an accredited institution with the Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research).

*The basics of pastry making will be accessible through video lessons.

All graduates are automatically enrolled, free of charge, in relevant professional associations to access the opportunities provided.



Educational Topics:

Price: 3.000€


Professional chef courses require an introductory and selection interview at the Academy’s headquarters (or via SKYPE for non-residents). The courses have a limited number of participants.

Course duration: 5-hour lessons, three times a week, from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM (or from 3 PM to 8 PM), professional depth workshops, and practical internships.

At the end of the course, a certificate of participation (including certification of practical experience) recognized by the National Professional Education Authority(an accredited institution with the Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research) is issued.

 Lessons are taught by renowned Italian and international chefs, academics, and experts at the prestigious location of the Academy in Via Decio Filipponi.

The professional chef course organized by Romevent srl for ITALIAN CHEF ACADEMY is aimed at those aspiring to become professionals in the restaurant industry and wish to build a solid professional education from the basics. It is also aimed at professionals in the industry, who, upon joining the Association, can enrich their culinary and cultural knowledge.

The professional chef courses of the Italian Chef Academy are open to highly motivated students, both Italian and foreign. In the case of foreign students, lessons will be conducted in English or Italian with the assistance of a native interpreter.

Per gli studenti iscritti al corsoFor students enrolled in the chef course, practical internships are provided at qualified facilities selected throughout the national territory. For non-resident students in Rome who confirm their registration on the day of the interview, the cost of the train journey will be reimbursed, and the possibility of completing the internship directly in the student’s region of origin will also be evaluated, to facilitate integration into the world of work.

Upcoming Courses

Working with a limited number of students to ensure the highest quality standards, we strongly recommend that all future students (both Italian and international) apply well in advance. For our international students, we recommend requesting information 8 to 12 weeks before the start of the course of interest (estimated average time for visa requests).

Other Chef Courses


Educational Topics:

Price: 4.000€


Educational Topics:

Price: € 5500


Educational Topics:

Wine Tasting Techniques & Wine-Oil Pairing (Italian and international)
Intensive English language course with Cooking Terminology

Price: € 6500

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